Cynthia Clark (Soul Analysis)

Cynthia is intuitive and uses her innate inner guidance for your healing and integration. She guides you where you can instill change, remove blocks and create your life deliberately, no longer by default. You will leave with life-long tools, a safe place of peace and a deeper love for yourself. 

Linda Mae (Celtic Soul-Centered Readings)

If you have a commitment to living from your authentic Self, and a sincere desire to live a rich fulfilling life, as well as a desire to use it to make this a better world, then Linda Mae can help get you where you want to go!

Michael Childress

Michael Childress (Body Tuning Therapist)

The tuning table is an ancient and unique form of energy work using harmonious vibration and pure intention to break up and release energetic blockages. Michael will help to create a secure loving space allowing the mind and body to release pain, emotions and heal trauma.

Amanda Romania (Akashic Records Reader)

Amanda specializes in spiritual mentorship, empowerment, sacred Temple work and is a master in bridging the spiritual and physical worlds.

Mickey McCarthy (Goddess Empowered Jewelry)

Mickey McCarthy is presenting her Goddess empowered jewelry to Sedona. Her unique designs are inspired with dycrylic glass, shells and spiritually gathered gem stones. The energy of her gems speak to her as she assembles each piece. This is not a business for Mickey, it is a calling.

Marsha Shultz (Crystals & Stones)

Marsha provides intuitive readings using crystal cards along with a crystal meditation circle. Different stones provide a connection to different parts of the body and each votive is created for a specific purpose such as: Psychic protection; Grounding; Emotional balance; Chakra balancing; Connection to the Divine or Grief relief. A tealight candle lit inside the votive glows and highlights the beauty of the stones just as the Light within us glows to highlight our inner beauty and shine God’s Love and Light through us into the world.

Rima Thundercloud

As a visionary, it is Rima’s privilege to share her gifts with those that seek enlightenment. In addition to reading palms, multi-cultural cards and tarot, Rima will be offering her dreamcatchers, hand-made drums and personally designed native jewelry.

Chez Adams

Chez Adams (Color Silks Reading)

Chez Adams will provide a unique and one-of-a-kind reading that reveals, through color silks, the path you are currently walking. A color silk’s reading reveals your Soul’s potential, how to manifest those qualities, and how to express your Soul’s gift to others and the world.

Robert Wertz

Robert Wertz

Inspired by a near death experience Robert Wertz received divine inspiration that manifested as a sacred Merkaba Mandala. Additional inspiration resulted in the Merkaba Meditation and Light Blessing® practices. While separate and unique, each practice results in chakra clearing and activation by the projection of light and sacred symbol upon these energy points.


Cheshire (Cheshire’s Herbals)

Cheshire’s Herbals will be selling handmade herbal teas and remedies, art, jewelry, and offering Tarot card readings.

Paula Giancola

Paula Giancola

As I let go of my mind, I go into my Heart and Soul, moving into channeling communications with loved ones passed, your own Divine Higher Self/Soul, and your Angels and Guides. I am a Teacher of Self-Love, Oneness, gifted to guide you out of ego (pain and suffering) into your Heart (Love and Joy).

Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips was born conscious of her gifts and has dedicated her life to assist others and the Planet in its collective Soul’s Awakening. Michelle can guide you with Inner child-healing- childhood Trauma ,
Relationship -twin Flame healing, releasing Karmic agreements and contracts and Higher self-integration.

Erika Seidel

Erika Seidel

Erika is able to help others access the loving guidance and wisdom that surrounds them. Using her gifts of “intuitive guidance,” Erika freely communicates with the Angelic Spectrum, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones that have crossed over (both our Human and Animal Friends). Erika will be creating a loving space for intuitive readings and channeled readings with her Inner-Spirit Teacher, “Shamalia.”

Robin Eagle Sage

Robin Eagle Sage

Robin Eagle Sage is a Channel of Divine Light, a Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant Energy Reader and Energy Healer. She comes to us to share her gifts to those who are ready to receive.

John Dumas, Musician

John helps to bring peace, relaxation and emotional nostalgia for a time long ago when we lived more in balance with nature. It is John’s belief that through the universal language of music; where words are not needed, that the beauty of oneness begins to emerge all over the world. Through his music, John’s sense of commitment to his life’s work to inspire love, compassion and unity worldwide continues to evolve.